Business Brilliance Bootcamp


Business Brilliance Bootcamp

Understand your business with Suzie 

The Dates & Modules:
4 week bootcamp. Every Wednesday from 7pm – 8:30pm Sydney/Melbourne time.
Open to non Fresh Clinic Nurses


Module #1 Week 1- Understanding your business & Building your strategic plan PART I
Module #2 Week 2- Building your strategic plan PART II
Module #3 Week 3 – The Systems for success PART I
Module #4 Week 4 – The Systems for success PART II

Wednesday, 15th November
Wednesday, 22nd November
Wednesday, 29th November
Wednesday, 6th December

$4,995 + GST

Australia’s first Nursepreneur, Suzie Hoitink, will lead you through a 4 week bootcamp on all things business brilliance

Interested? Take a read below 👇 to find out what you’ll learn and what you’ll get

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Breaking down the Business Brilliance 4-Week Bootcamp

Discover Business Brilliance in this transformative program led by Suzie Hoitink, renowned for pioneering Clear Complexions Clinics and more recently as ‘The Secret CEO’ business coach to clinics nationally and internationally. Exclusively tailored for clinic-leading nurses and doctors, this immersive program empowers you to understand YOUR business metrics, unveils the art of crafting a strategic plan for true brand differentiation and unmatched growth, and gives you the systems that guarantee success. Benefit from Suzie’s unique journey as the first nurse to open her own clinic in Australia, to scaling and then selling to an ASX listed company, as you align medical prowess with strategic acumen to drive your clinic to achieve its full potential.

The program consists of: 

  • Exclusive access to the program
  • 4 x 90mins weekly webinars
  • Membership to the Business Brilliance Boot Camp networking community


  1. Module #1 Week 1- Understanding your business & Building your strategic plan PART I
  2. Module #2 Week 2- Building your strategic plan PART II
  3. Module #3 Week 3 – The Systems for success PART I
  4. Module #4 Week 4 – The Systems for success PART II

What you’ll learn

The fine print:

The Business Brilliance Bootcamp is made up of 4 modules. Each week, you’ll work through a different module and complete a homework assignment. 

→ Week 1 – Module 1
Understanding your business & Building your strategic plan PART I

Understanding your business

  • The fundamentals of your finances
  • The metrics that matter

Building your strategic plan PART I

  • Brand Identity – finding your ‘blue ocean’
    • Unique selling distinction
    • Core purpose – vision
    • Values & value behaviours

→ Week 2 – Module 2
Building your strategic plan PART II

  • Structure – What you need to look like
    • Model
    • Organisational Structure
  • Goals & Strategies – what you want and how to get it
    • Establishing short- & long-term achievable goals
    • Strategy development and accountabilities

→ Week 3 – Module 3
The Systems for success PART I

  • Operational Rhythms
    • Developing a communication structure
  • The Prescriptive Cycle
    • Clinical Pathways
    • Treatment & Skincare Planning

→ Week 4 – Module 4
The Systems for success PART II

  • The Performance management Program
    • KPI development
    • Driving values-based productivity
  • Q&A


You’re not doing it alone

Feel supported by Suzie and the Fresh Clinics community of like-minded cosmetic nurses doing the bootcamp alongside you.


Hear from Bronnie 

“Working alongside Suzie has been a transformative experience for my business journey. She equipped me with the essential tools to nurture my enterprise – from effective personnel management to a profound understanding of my business metrics. Previously, I was navigating in the dark, not critically evaluating what was working and what needed improvement. Suzie guided me to take responsibility for my financial decisions and business direction”. Bronnie Husband, Facestudio by Bronnie, NSW

Suzie Hoitink RN FACN HTNK Advisory – Australia’s first Nursepreneur

Suzie is your go-to expert when it comes to strategic business consulting, tailored especially for nurses and doctors who are running their own aesthetic clinics.
Suzie’s exceptional contributions to the cosmetic industry have earned her prestigious accolades, including the coveted Telstra Business Women’s Award and a Fellowship to the esteemed Australian College of Nursing. In 2005, Suzie made history by becoming the first nurse in Australia to open her own clinic, Clear Complexions Clinics. What started as a small endeavour blossomed into a network of six top-tier medical skin clinics across Sydney and Canberra. This extraordinary accomplishment was powered by a skilled team of 70 professionals, including 40 doctors and nurses. The excellence of her venture captured the attention of ASX listed Vita Group Pty Ltd, leading to the acquisition of Clear Complexions in 2017.

Suzie’s experience is rich and relatable, making her a valuable resource for nurses and doctors in the healthcare business. She’s been actively involved in the industry, from shaping the ACN’s Graduate Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing to providing advice to government bodies and industry peers. Her role as a distinguished speaker at premier Cosmetic Industry conferences and Nursing Forums for over 20 years underscores her authority in the field.

After the successful sale of Clear Complexions, Suzie, together with her partner and husband Alex, established HTNK Advisory. Their mission is to empower clinic principals across Australia to optimize their performance. With a proven track record of assisting over 40 clinic owners, Suzie and Alex have become trusted allies in the industry, fostering impressive growth in revenue and profit for their clients.

What truly sets Suzie apart is her personalised mentorship approach, rooted in her own experiences. She works hands-on with clinic owners, helping to define clear goals and providing real-time assistance to navigate the intricacies of clinic ownership. If you’re a nurse at the helm of your own cosmetic business, Suzie Hoitink and HTNK Advisory are here to guide you towards unlocking your clinic’s utmost potential. Your success story starts here.

The Dates!

Series 1 
Series 1 Business Brilliance will be running in November for 4 weeks & take place every Wednesday from 7pm – 8:30pm AEST

Wednesday, 15th November
Wednesday, 22nd November
Wednesday, 29th November
Wednesday, 6th November

Had an emergency or life event? We understand. 

If you’re unable to attend the bootcamp, just let us know, we’re happy to help. The Business Brilliance Bootcamp will be running across the calendar year so we’ll help you book onto the next Bootcamp.  

 To find out more, get in touch with our Fresh Clinics team at or call 130 375 646.

Financing options available!

Fresh Clinics have partnered with Total Lifestyle Credit to provide you financing options.
To find out more about financing available for training please email Tim Boon from TLC on



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