The Fresh Skin Bootcamp: Series 1


The Fresh Skin Bootcamp: Series 1
Discover everything you need to know about skin fundamentals, consultations and care

Starting Tuesday 5th April @ 7pm AEDT
Skin Bootcamp Dates:
5th April, 12th April, 19th April, 26th April, 3rd May
$1,250 + GST

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Skinastute’s guru, Suzannah Mason, will lead you through a 5 module, 5-week masterclass on all things skin.

Skin types, common conditions and skincare essentials: you’ll learn it all (and more).

Pump up your skills, knowledge and confidence in skin with this exclusive program!

Interested? Take a read below 👇 to find out what you’ll learn and what you’ll get

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Breaking down the bootcamp

The Fresh Skin Bootcamp will pump up your

  • Knowledge – Get the latest insights into the skin types and everyday conditions you’re seeing in your clinic
  • Skills – Gain the skills to competently perform careful, considered and professional skin consultations
  • Confidence – Find the confidence to support your patients through their journey to beautiful skin.

What you’ll learn

The fine print:

The Fresh Skin Bootcamp is made up of 5 modules. Each week, you’ll work through a different module and complete a homework assignment. In the final week, you’ll do an assessment based on everything you’ve learned. 

→ Module 1
Anatomy & Function

  • Skin structure and function (including the anatomy and importance of melanogenesis)
  • Skin types: Fitzpatrick Skin Types and Glogau Scale
  • Skin assessment tools for aesthetic practitioners

→ Module 2
Photoaging and Pigmentation

  • Common skin conditions 1 & 2: aging and pigmentation
  • Aging: more about the Glogau Scale and what aging looks like
  • Pigmentation: hypo, hyper, PIH, solar lentigines and freckles

→ Module 3
Acne and Rosacea

  • Common skin conditions 3 & 4: acne and rosacea
  • Acne: grades, causes, treatments and when to refer elsewhere
  • Rosacea: grades, triggers, treatment / management and when to engage a GP
  • Practical task following completion of module: performing a skin consult

→ Module 4
Assessment and Planning

  • Performing a consultation: how to do one, what questions to ask, the tools you can use and the consultation forms and photography you should know about
  • Assessment task

→ Module 5
Consultations and Treatments

    • Skin consultation made easy: a step-by-step guide
    • Peels: what they do, how they work and who they help
    • In-clinic treatments for common skin conditions
    • Skincare ingredients: learn the ins and outs of commonly used, medical grade and at-home skincare
    • Certification issued

Taking part in the Fresh Skin Bootcamp? Here’s what you’ll get:

It’s more than simply training. You’ll find support, advice and resources the whole way through with:

  • 🖥 Fresh Clinics’ informative, easy-to-follow e-book: Fundamentals in skin, common conditions and patient consultation
  • 📒 A hard copy version sent directly to you
  • 📲 Access to a private WhatsApp group to connect you with other people on the course
  • 💞 A supportive community of cosmetic nurses to join you on your journey
  • 👯‍♀️ An accountability partner to keep you focused, engaged and responsible
  • 🌟 Face-to-face interaction with patients
  • 🧴 Your own dedicated skin trainer
  • 🎖 A certificate of completion – giving your patients peace of mind


You’re not doing it alone

Feel supported by Suzannah and the Fresh Clinics community of like-minded cosmetic nurses doing the training alongside you. 

You’ll partner up with another participant on the course, too, giving you the accountability, motivation and encouragement you need to do your best. 

Suzannah Mason – Clinical Director and Cosmetic Nurse, Skinastute

Suzannah has a true love of skin. In her 25+ years in the aesthetics and cosmetic medicine industry, she’s provided countless treatments to her patients (peels, laser and the rest!). As an experienced injector, Suzannah understands the ups and downs of your business and the challenges you face every day. Her insights, passion and knowledge will inspire you to take your skincare and aesthetic offerings to the next level.

The Dates!

Session 1: 5th April
Session 2: 12th April
Session 3: 19th April
Session 4: 26th April
Session 5: 3rd May

Had an emergency or life event? We understand. 

If you’re unable to attend the bootcamp, just let us know, we’re happy to help. The Fresh Skin Bootcamp will be running across the calendar year so we’ll help you book onto the next Bootcamp.  

 To find out more, get in touch with our Fresh Clinics team at or call 130 375 646.

Financing options available!

Fresh Clinics have partnered with Total Lifestyle Credit to provide you financing options.
To find out more about financing available for training please email Tim Boon from TLC on


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